Wednesday, 12 September 2012

so much for chilled.

well so much for my relaxed morning, my little diva has had it on her big time, that extended into the playgroup so ive had drama and tears which i would so reach for the biscuit tin choclates and a very sweet cup of tea right now. but it would just be comfort eating so now i know how i deal with stuff nowdays. its funny what i'm learning about my self aswell as cleansing my body.
i'm sure ive been watched today as i left my house their was this guy 6ft tall dark hair in a red,grey hoody and black trainers with red bottoms. watching as i left my house, i walked past him to get a better look. he looks about 21. he watched me walk up the road as i looked behind me he was still watching. then when i returned an hour and a half later and even went the opposite way home he was behind me!! and followed me into the shop. that was about 15:30pm 12/09/2012  (just making sure i have all this down just incase anything happens.)
i think i was being checked out for bulgary potential.
we'll see ey?
well i'm feeling grouchy and tired(mentally) but its due to a screaming toddler i think.
i just made bolognaise and through automation licked the spoon of the sauce i was making :-( i dont know if that means ive failed.. i didnt eat anything. it was in there before i realised.

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