Thursday, 13 September 2012

oh no

ive been filtered as spam, i dont even know what that means other than i was just relaying an honest account of my diet, people have video's all over youtube about it.
anyway its 3pm. i am a little tired today really going to have to push myself to do my excercise later. at least i'll have my soaps to  keep me occupied.  ive already drank 2 litres of juice today.  dont know if i'll manage another week  as at this minute i am very very tired and my stomach is making very loud noises and aching.
i have already started buying organic stuff as it better for my little one too. i brought some soya mince to experiment with too. pitty my cupboards are still full of junk but i'm sure i can palm it off. a cup of tea and pastry here, biscuit there when people come round. right off to create some food now for my diva.

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