Tuesday, 11 September 2012


ive been mum and tots swimming, to the park, and to greggs(for my tot) and i am knackered. dont know if its the sun or not making me tired. i walk everywhere always have so it wasnt through lack of excercise i got fat, it was eating the wrong foods.
thats why i am doing this diet i want to cleanse my body of all the crap ive been putting in it.
its 1:30pm we've just got back. i so wanted to do  my usual. normally when we go swimming we both have a pasty from greggs before we go swimming and go to the chippy for sausage chips and curry sauce on the way back. we might even have a cake from greggs too sometimes.
but today we went to swimming and went to greggs after, i treated my daughter to a pasty, sausage roll and a cake seeing as i was having nothing but my lemonade. because i am being a good girl and sticking to this diet i treated myself to a nice jumper from the charity shop for £3.00. as by the time winter kicks in i will be able to wear a nice jumer and not feel like a frump in it.. i hope..

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