Monday, 10 September 2012

As you can see i am quite lardy, but i am hoping this will change in the next few weeks. it all started after i left my partner. when i was with him i never ate and became a size 8. within the two years of leaving and motherhood(eating the leftovers of my toddler plus my own food) snacking on chocolate etc i became a size 14.
I wasn't comfort eating i was just enjoying my food again(too much)
today 10th September 2012, i am starting what they call The Lemonade Diet
except i am using tesco's pure squeezed  own brand, as i'm hoping the fact that each bottle provides somebody in malawi clean drinking water for a month. this water facebook page will keep me motivated.
tesco's detox tea and senna laxatives.
i will keep you posted day by day of my success or failure. so here goes.

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