Tuesday, 18 September 2012

day 9

has to be short and sweet now due to battery capacity, still feeling good so glad i did this vegetarian shopping coming today raedy for thursday.

Monday, 17 September 2012


well the time has gone by so quick today , i havenot done my excercises yet and have discovered my laptop lead has been chewed by something? either it was the guniea pigs when roaming free for half hour yesterday or i have mice? so once my battery has died tonight  thats it i'm afraid. until i can afford a new one.

day 8

wow 13:30 already, my appointment with the cpn is at 3pm. ive not long been back. my friend and i took our diva's to the soft play centre all morning.
my little diva was awake most of the night caught a cold bless her and was struggling to breath all night. ive picked some baby albas oil up today. she's very tired, lying here next to me at the minute on the sofa. i made her drink some orange juice at breakfast, she's hardly eaten picked here and there.
i need to top up my juice today, best do some shopping online.
was very pleased this morning on the scales.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

getting there

feeling a bit better now its 6pm and everythings done even diva is bathed and ready for bed. were sitting watching cbeebies and i feel relaxed. just been on edge a bit and i think that adds to the pmt. ive been investigating the raw diet. seeing as i'm going to try vegetarian after the cleanse. i want to encourage my little one to eat foods that are god for her head aswell as body. i have always tried to give her good foods as i know how a diet can effect a kids mental health, especially processed crap and lots of sugar.
ive always encouraged her to eat berries. i.e blueberries strawberrys, rasberry's etc.
we also make our own museli bars, i have put that recipe on my rascals page.
but recently ive found out about raw foods. overcooking etc can loose vital vitamins.
so maybe i will look more into recipies i can use on my page for toddlers.
going to carry on relaxing now.


i am narcky to the max today i hate the monthly curse. always suffered with it bad.
managed to do my excercises, thought that would lift my mood but to no avail.
seeing my cpn tomorrow.
cleaned the guine pigs out. cleaned up. made breakfast and dinner and feeling a bit fed up. i think its because other factors have arisen in my life but what will be will be.
the song titianium springs to mind.
i am going to make it through the ten days and that will give me a sense of control back in my life.

day 7

is it really day 7 wow. i didnt get round to my excercise in the end. but it wsnt as thugh i sat on my bum all day just didnt do an hour extra. i will do it today at sme point have to clean guinea pigs out today if the weather stays nice at leat they can go utside for a bit. me and diva are still in out nightclothes at the minute. well it is sunday after all.
normally it wuld be a cuppa and bacon and sausage sandwhich morning not for me though. but the smell is gonna drive me mad i know it is.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


havent done my excercises yet today have been busy one way or another so i am feeling that dip in energy again. they do recommend naps when needed on the master cleanse but touch wood i havent needed it. just gone bed earlier than usual.
ive moved my lounge around so probably why i'm a bit knackered and found out my narcky mood yesterday was pmt. going to chill out tonight and watch the x factor as we have a girls night when x factor is on me and my diva, but just treats for her tonight while i sip my lemon.

mmmm pasta craving

i sooo wanna eat the pasta on my table right now, so much for trying tooo get rid of the sweet stuff out of my cupboards my sister sent my little one home with four cakes today that smelled gorgeous, and ive been craving food today very badly after not being able to drink anything after the dentist, as my filling needed to set. i'm topping up now hoping to take the hunger away.

Friday, 14 September 2012

day 6

the other side of ten stone this morning which i am very pleased about. stomach pains returned last night after taking the senokot. so ive decided to reduce it to one tablet at night instead of the two so the effects milder.
dentist today arrrggh....
my skins seems to be getting worse i dont know if its my system clearing itself out but i have spots in different places to normal on my face, i did try this new moisturizer yesterday though some sunkissed stuff.


wow cant believe ive been doing this since monday and ive managed to exercise everyday. i found myself a little narcky this evening. culd be because i have dentist tomorrow, could be because i have alot to sort out and think about after my education interview. pre-school fee's i need to find aswell as othher stuff.
friday night is often baileys night for me but not tonight lemonade night it is.
ging to take my senokot again tnight as i havent been today..

productive day

well i have found a playgroup that has spaces at last ,have the form and just have to fill it in now. i will take it back monday and my little monkey can have a taster session.
so i will probably get her in for monday mornings, friday mornings be god for her.
today was hard at the playcentre not even being able to order a cup of tea. i sat sipping my lemonade with dirty looks as your not allowed to consume your own food. i still ordered the kids meal and kids drinks though so i suppose they couldnt say much, still made me paranoid though lol.
still feeling okay  a little tired again though. must be time for callentetics :-).

day 5

i woke up feeling fantastic this morning better than i have in years, i didnt just decide to do this diet to loose weight that is an added bonus. i wanted t cleanse my system in many ways. i have suffered from depression since a child. ocd, self halming. etc lets face it i know about how it feels to be that way. since having my daughter things have improved dramatically i call her my little miracle. but i still felt like crap most days especially as i piled on the weight craving sweet stuff due to my medication (queitiapin).
one thing i did before this diet was switch to caffeine free tea abut 2 weeks before hand as withdrawels from caffiene and carbohydrates can give some people headaches on the original master cleanse diet. also sme people especially van halen had a bad reaction to the cayenne pepper drink. hence i dont do that either.
i have had no headaches and n reactions(touch wood) as yet. like any diet though you should always consult your doctor before starting. i didnt take my senokot last night and slept like a baby. was still happy on the scales this morning.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

managed to get my excercise in and its only 16:45pm and again i feel more energetic than i did. thet say excercise gets the endorphins  going so i will definately keep up the excercise too after the 10 days is up.
i really need to stop biting my nails though.  i have an interview tomorrow, hope i get a good night sleep. i might nt take the laxatives tonight and just have the detox tea.

oh no

ive been filtered as spam, i dont even know what that means other than i was just relaying an honest account of my diet, people have video's all over youtube about it.
anyway its 3pm. i am a little tired today really going to have to push myself to do my excercise later. at least i'll have my soaps to  keep me occupied.  ive already drank 2 litres of juice today.  dont know if i'll manage another week  as at this minute i am very very tired and my stomach is making very loud noises and aching.
i have already started buying organic stuff as it better for my little one too. i brought some soya mince to experiment with too. pitty my cupboards are still full of junk but i'm sure i can palm it off. a cup of tea and pastry here, biscuit there when people come round. right off to create some food now for my diva.

day 4

i was awoken with chronic stomach pains last, but as soon as i'd been toilet and passed loose stools it went away, i think my laxative tablets worked alot quicker than usual.
i got on the scales and again was happy with the result.
i am feeling a little cold today, might be due to the change in weather though.
i seem to be getting a buzz from getting on the scales i can see how people can get addicted to this. i was reading in the support forum a lady posted on the support forum she had been doing this for 47 days.. and people were encouraging here...are they crazy... so i decided to start my own and i recommend 10 days only at maximum.
my group at least you know ive done this diet and been honest about it.
well today my toddler has tried to feed me corn flakes as she always does share her food. i have been making myself a plate and pretending to eat whatever we have had as i wouldnt want her to think any other way. the dogs been very spolied ths week.

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

strange thoughts

i bite my nails and i ended up googling it, just t see if they were fattening. yes strange i know but hey whats a girl to do. my inqusitive mind wanted to know. i do need to stop this habit. fingernails fattening?

arrgh comfort food needed

well i managed to excercise and watch my soaps at the same time tonight, maybe thats what i should do in the future. bit fed up though bank charges have arised. normally i would have a homemade baileys with thick cream to drowned my sorrows. but nope still sipping the lemonade. i knew today had got a bad feeling to it. oh well cant be helped. so i am now going to catch up with revenge( tv show) and finish my bottle of lemonade. before heading off to bed with my herbal cuppa.

so much for chilled.

well so much for my relaxed morning, my little diva has had it on her big time, that extended into the playgroup so ive had drama and tears which i would so reach for the biscuit tin choclates and a very sweet cup of tea right now. but it would just be comfort eating so now i know how i deal with stuff nowdays. its funny what i'm learning about my self aswell as cleansing my body.
i'm sure ive been watched today as i left my house their was this guy 6ft tall dark hair in a red,grey hoody and black trainers with red bottoms. watching as i left my house, i walked past him to get a better look. he looks about 21. he watched me walk up the road as i looked behind me he was still watching. then when i returned an hour and a half later and even went the opposite way home he was behind me!! and followed me into the shop. that was about 15:30pm 12/09/2012  (just making sure i have all this down just incase anything happens.)
i think i was being checked out for bulgary potential.
we'll see ey?
well i'm feeling grouchy and tired(mentally) but its due to a screaming toddler i think.
i just made bolognaise and through automation licked the spoon of the sauce i was making :-( i dont know if that means ive failed.. i didnt eat anything. it was in there before i realised.

summers gone

the wind snapped my babys sunflower she planted and its raining. definatley was the last weekend of summer weve just had. i'm cooking burgers for dinner the smell is driving me mad but i will reisist ive come this far. i am still totally amazed at how i feel considering i havent eaten.  the guinea pigs are gnawing at their chew toys with a vengence best give them some hay. i'd normally put them outside to eat grass if it wasnt raining. ive got loads of washing to dry aswell. but i will use a clothes horse in the kitchen. trying to keep the central heating off for aslong as possible. be different if it was minus degrees but were still in at least 10 degree's centigrade.

day 3

i woke up feeling amazingly well today,  took my detox tea and senakot tablets around 9pm last night and went loo about 8am, first time ive had loose stools but no stomach pain with it. i got on the scales and was pleasently surprised again. i nly got up and went loo for a wee twice in the night so had better sleep too. i'm drinking 2 litres of the lemon and lime water a day and even if i loose 2 pounds a day by day 10 i will be lost 20lb and thats a hell of alot of weight to shift in 10 days. got a chilled out morning today not going anywhere till playgroup about 1:30pm so going to do some domestic chores in a moment. i somehow need to use up all the food in my freezer before the ten days is up if i'm changing my whole diet.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012


my little one passed out early which always leaves me at a loose end. this is where i get bored and reach for the chocolates and munchies. ive done my excercise so catching up on my soaps and reasearching healthy foods on the net. i might even become vegetarian after this diet. get rid of eczema  and heal psoriasis only because ive developed bad eczema on my feet. we'll see though. well its 19:16pm i'm on facebook trying to distract myself.
i dont have hunger pains which i thought i would so the drink obviously does repress hunger for your body. its definately the psychological part that controls us.
they say your health shows in your face. i have been suffering from breakouts too.
i believe in all this reflexology. so maybe my feet mean somthing else.
where i have eczema its the secondry access to my fallopian tubes. i have a smear test soon so i wonder if they can pick things up from that. we'll see.

eating healthy

it will be a complete waste of time if after all this i go back to my old habits because i will just pile it back on, i found this great page from a very honest lady with advice of how to maintain a healthy lifestyle i am now going to become a follower on facebook. she even has a twist on this lemonade diet and uses carrot juice instead carrot juice recipe i am going to try this too.


managed to fit my callenetics in already because its low impact excercise with supposedly great results. i did it this afternoon and my little one joined in to a certain extent. this means i can reward myself tonight and watch my soaps. thats what i think i will do from now if i excercise during the day, i will watch my soaps at night. we all know how addicting soaps can be but i think once you get going on a diet and excercise that can be too. the excercise i'm doing helps give me that energy boost i need instead of the opposite but i think it has to be very low impact excercise on this diet. i read on you tube a few times comments from people to others, that have tried this diet and made video logs abut it. that you have to excercise your lean muscle mass to keep the weight off. thats why i chose the excercise i'm doing.


well my neice is ging to be 18 in a couple of months. ive never worn dresses maybe if i loose enough weight i could wear an evening dress. that would shock a few people me in a dress. just never had the confidence.
i could get my little diva a prom dress and i could wear a nice one maybe..mmm or a nice long top and trousers.. i bet i will wear trousers.


ive been mum and tots swimming, to the park, and to greggs(for my tot) and i am knackered. dont know if its the sun or not making me tired. i walk everywhere always have so it wasnt through lack of excercise i got fat, it was eating the wrong foods.
thats why i am doing this diet i want to cleanse my body of all the crap ive been putting in it.
its 1:30pm we've just got back. i so wanted to do  my usual. normally when we go swimming we both have a pasty from greggs before we go swimming and go to the chippy for sausage chips and curry sauce on the way back. we might even have a cake from greggs too sometimes.
but today we went to swimming and went to greggs after, i treated my daughter to a pasty, sausage roll and a cake seeing as i was having nothing but my lemonade. because i am being a good girl and sticking to this diet i treated myself to a nice jumper from the charity shop for £3.00. as by the time winter kicks in i will be able to wear a nice jumer and not feel like a frump in it.. i hope..

its working already

I was up and down to the toilet all night so felt tired this morning but when i got on the scales i was like wow its definately worth it. most people only do this diet short term anyway. theres a support forum on facebook for it too. lemonade diet supprt
i started at 10 and a half yesterday morning if it carrys on like this i will be able to loose the 2 stone i want to loose. we'll see though x

Monday, 10 September 2012

so its 9pm i didnt opt for vegging on the sofa watching soaps, i decided to do an hour of callenetics. i will be a fab 40 instead of a drab 35.. agewise i mean x
i am going to have my cuppa now, and a nice hot bath  goodnight xx see you in the morning
feeling quite tired now, its 7:15pm. think its just the mental stress of thinking abut food all day maybe tomorrow wont be so bad. i'm looking forward now to 2 hours of soaps a nice hot bath and bed.
its so hard to resist the temptation of reaching for food as i'm clearing dinner pots away. normally i'd be in the kitchen washing up and munching away on left overs. i can see the dogs face light up as i scrape whats left into her bowl.. she's loosing weight drastically at the minute the vet says its her muscle mass wasting away with the arthritis.
soon be time for the bedtime routine, tasking missy up for a bath and her going on the trampoline while its running. i'll take my lemonade with me. ive drank 1 and a half litres today they recommend about 6 glasses and a bathroom break every hour. i have been toilet for a wee a bit more :-).

recipes for rascals

the worst part is i have a page i add to everyday on facebook and its all about food.
i'm sure this and my chocolate making page are not ging to help. my facebook page
my chocolate making page  already today ive added to recipes for rascals. its now 4:30pm the lemonade is starting to help i am not as hungry as i was 3 hours ago.
tonight i will have my detox tea and take my senna tablet while watching my soaps and if my little one allows it have earlyish night. quick wheres my lemonade :-)

surrounded by food constantly..


i found some images to motivate..

fed up with looking pregnant.. my daughters 2 now, i was thinner after i had her than i am now. its 3pm i'm half way through my day 1


i can see i'm going to have to convine my brain to ignore food. the snacks are out and its like my stomach is gonna jump out of my throat
least tomorrow i will out of the house a few hours. so the raid the fridge temptation wont be there.

only dinner time. ahhhhh

ahh ths is torture, they say the first days the hardest when youre not used to going without food. well i just prepared dinner..i sooo wanted to eat it.. just sip my lemonade..keep sipping the lemonade..
My keyboard has a faulty o so where you think there's random letters missing in my words its nrmally the o. :-)

already starving and its only been 4 hours

I am four hours into this diet and i am starving, but i nticed habits i'd acummulated already, when i make my daughters toast the bread dnt fit into the toaster so i eat the bits i cut off. i lick the knife after(remaining butter,and jam) i know bad habits!!!
i then eat toast with my daughter two slices of and normally finish hers s that can be upto 4 slices of toast or 11/2 bowls of cereal for breakfast. normally with 2 cups of tea with 2 large sugars. so to just drink my tesco lemonade upto now is making my stomache crave especially with having to look at food and resist it.
i will make it through the first day i will!!!!! oh god will be dinner time sooon.

As you can see i am quite lardy, but i am hoping this will change in the next few weeks. it all started after i left my partner. when i was with him i never ate and became a size 8. within the two years of leaving and motherhood(eating the leftovers of my toddler plus my own food) snacking on chocolate etc i became a size 14.
I wasn't comfort eating i was just enjoying my food again(too much)
today 10th September 2012, i am starting what they call The Lemonade Diet
except i am using tesco's pure squeezed  own brand, as i'm hoping the fact that each bottle provides somebody in malawi clean drinking water for a month. this water facebook page will keep me motivated.
tesco's detox tea and senna laxatives.
i will keep you posted day by day of my success or failure. so here goes.