Tuesday, 18 September 2012

day 9

has to be short and sweet now due to battery capacity, still feeling good so glad i did this vegetarian shopping coming today raedy for thursday.

Monday, 17 September 2012


well the time has gone by so quick today , i havenot done my excercises yet and have discovered my laptop lead has been chewed by something? either it was the guniea pigs when roaming free for half hour yesterday or i have mice? so once my battery has died tonight  thats it i'm afraid. until i can afford a new one.

day 8

wow 13:30 already, my appointment with the cpn is at 3pm. ive not long been back. my friend and i took our diva's to the soft play centre all morning.
my little diva was awake most of the night caught a cold bless her and was struggling to breath all night. ive picked some baby albas oil up today. she's very tired, lying here next to me at the minute on the sofa. i made her drink some orange juice at breakfast, she's hardly eaten picked here and there.
i need to top up my juice today, best do some shopping online.
was very pleased this morning on the scales.

Sunday, 16 September 2012

getting there

feeling a bit better now its 6pm and everythings done even diva is bathed and ready for bed. were sitting watching cbeebies and i feel relaxed. just been on edge a bit and i think that adds to the pmt. ive been investigating the raw diet. seeing as i'm going to try vegetarian after the cleanse. i want to encourage my little one to eat foods that are god for her head aswell as body. i have always tried to give her good foods as i know how a diet can effect a kids mental health, especially processed crap and lots of sugar.
ive always encouraged her to eat berries. i.e blueberries strawberrys, rasberry's etc.
we also make our own museli bars, i have put that recipe on my rascals page.
but recently ive found out about raw foods. overcooking etc can loose vital vitamins.
so maybe i will look more into recipies i can use on my page for toddlers.
going to carry on relaxing now.


i am narcky to the max today i hate the monthly curse. always suffered with it bad.
managed to do my excercises, thought that would lift my mood but to no avail.
seeing my cpn tomorrow.
cleaned the guine pigs out. cleaned up. made breakfast and dinner and feeling a bit fed up. i think its because other factors have arisen in my life but what will be will be.
the song titianium springs to mind.
i am going to make it through the ten days and that will give me a sense of control back in my life.

day 7

is it really day 7 wow. i didnt get round to my excercise in the end. but it wsnt as thugh i sat on my bum all day just didnt do an hour extra. i will do it today at sme point have to clean guinea pigs out today if the weather stays nice at leat they can go utside for a bit. me and diva are still in out nightclothes at the minute. well it is sunday after all.
normally it wuld be a cuppa and bacon and sausage sandwhich morning not for me though. but the smell is gonna drive me mad i know it is.

Saturday, 15 September 2012


havent done my excercises yet today have been busy one way or another so i am feeling that dip in energy again. they do recommend naps when needed on the master cleanse but touch wood i havent needed it. just gone bed earlier than usual.
ive moved my lounge around so probably why i'm a bit knackered and found out my narcky mood yesterday was pmt. going to chill out tonight and watch the x factor as we have a girls night when x factor is on me and my diva, but just treats for her tonight while i sip my lemon.