Thursday, 13 September 2012

day 4

i was awoken with chronic stomach pains last, but as soon as i'd been toilet and passed loose stools it went away, i think my laxative tablets worked alot quicker than usual.
i got on the scales and again was happy with the result.
i am feeling a little cold today, might be due to the change in weather though.
i seem to be getting a buzz from getting on the scales i can see how people can get addicted to this. i was reading in the support forum a lady posted on the support forum she had been doing this for 47 days.. and people were encouraging here...are they crazy... so i decided to start my own and i recommend 10 days only at maximum.
my group at least you know ive done this diet and been honest about it.
well today my toddler has tried to feed me corn flakes as she always does share her food. i have been making myself a plate and pretending to eat whatever we have had as i wouldnt want her to think any other way. the dogs been very spolied ths week.

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