Friday, 14 September 2012

day 5

i woke up feeling fantastic this morning better than i have in years, i didnt just decide to do this diet to loose weight that is an added bonus. i wanted t cleanse my system in many ways. i have suffered from depression since a child. ocd, self halming. etc lets face it i know about how it feels to be that way. since having my daughter things have improved dramatically i call her my little miracle. but i still felt like crap most days especially as i piled on the weight craving sweet stuff due to my medication (queitiapin).
one thing i did before this diet was switch to caffeine free tea abut 2 weeks before hand as withdrawels from caffiene and carbohydrates can give some people headaches on the original master cleanse diet. also sme people especially van halen had a bad reaction to the cayenne pepper drink. hence i dont do that either.
i have had no headaches and n reactions(touch wood) as yet. like any diet though you should always consult your doctor before starting. i didnt take my senokot last night and slept like a baby. was still happy on the scales this morning.

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