Wednesday, 12 September 2012

day 3

i woke up feeling amazingly well today,  took my detox tea and senakot tablets around 9pm last night and went loo about 8am, first time ive had loose stools but no stomach pain with it. i got on the scales and was pleasently surprised again. i nly got up and went loo for a wee twice in the night so had better sleep too. i'm drinking 2 litres of the lemon and lime water a day and even if i loose 2 pounds a day by day 10 i will be lost 20lb and thats a hell of alot of weight to shift in 10 days. got a chilled out morning today not going anywhere till playgroup about 1:30pm so going to do some domestic chores in a moment. i somehow need to use up all the food in my freezer before the ten days is up if i'm changing my whole diet.

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