Tuesday, 11 September 2012


managed to fit my callenetics in already because its low impact excercise with supposedly great results. i did it this afternoon and my little one joined in to a certain extent. this means i can reward myself tonight and watch my soaps. thats what i think i will do from now if i excercise during the day, i will watch my soaps at night. we all know how addicting soaps can be but i think once you get going on a diet and excercise that can be too. the excercise i'm doing helps give me that energy boost i need instead of the opposite but i think it has to be very low impact excercise on this diet. i read on you tube a few times comments from people to others, that have tried this diet and made video logs abut it. that you have to excercise your lean muscle mass to keep the weight off. thats why i chose the excercise i'm doing.

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