Sunday, 16 September 2012

getting there

feeling a bit better now its 6pm and everythings done even diva is bathed and ready for bed. were sitting watching cbeebies and i feel relaxed. just been on edge a bit and i think that adds to the pmt. ive been investigating the raw diet. seeing as i'm going to try vegetarian after the cleanse. i want to encourage my little one to eat foods that are god for her head aswell as body. i have always tried to give her good foods as i know how a diet can effect a kids mental health, especially processed crap and lots of sugar.
ive always encouraged her to eat berries. i.e blueberries strawberrys, rasberry's etc.
we also make our own museli bars, i have put that recipe on my rascals page.
but recently ive found out about raw foods. overcooking etc can loose vital vitamins.
so maybe i will look more into recipies i can use on my page for toddlers.
going to carry on relaxing now.

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