Tuesday, 11 September 2012


my little one passed out early which always leaves me at a loose end. this is where i get bored and reach for the chocolates and munchies. ive done my excercise so catching up on my soaps and reasearching healthy foods on the net. i might even become vegetarian after this diet. get rid of eczema  and heal psoriasis only because ive developed bad eczema on my feet. we'll see though. well its 19:16pm i'm on facebook trying to distract myself.
i dont have hunger pains which i thought i would so the drink obviously does repress hunger for your body. its definately the psychological part that controls us.
they say your health shows in your face. i have been suffering from breakouts too.
i believe in all this reflexology. so maybe my feet mean somthing else.
where i have eczema its the secondry access to my fallopian tubes. i have a smear test soon so i wonder if they can pick things up from that. we'll see.

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